01-There is high to the ceiling in the Hotel Las Vegas


02-Common room with sofas and TV med with various channels


03-Common room with sofas and stereo equipment with CD player  


04-Common room with guitar in the background


05-Common room with table tennis


06-Common room with TV


07-Common room with table tennis


08-Common room with table tennis


09-Common room with table tennis


10-Common room with stereoequipment and guitar


11-Bridal suite


12-Bridal suite


13-Who would not like to be a bride here?


14-Bridal suite


15-Bridal suite


16-Bridal suite


17-Bridal suite


18-All six holiday apartments are eqipped with large handicap friendly bathrooms


19-Apartment with minibar, kitchenette and TV


20-Apartment with TV and sleeping accommodation


21-Apartment with sleeping accommodation


22-Apartment with sleeping accommodation


23-Apartment with sleeping accommodation


24-Apartment with sleeping accommodation


25-Apartment with sleeping accommodation


26-Apartment with sleeping accommodation and TV


27-Common kitchen


28-Free laundry, inclusive free washing powder and fabric softener


29-Barbecue section with large Weber gas equipment, free of charge for our guests


30-Inner courtyard connected to our barbecue section